• Danyila Oliіnyk
Keywords: energy market, energy communities, network infrastructure, network codes, smart network, distribution system operators, renewable energy sources.


The article analyzes the state and problems of innovation development in Ukraine and the need for more active use of innovative approaches in the formation of a single integrated energy market based on the principles and rules for implementing common problems and cross-border aspects in the context of network infrastructure deployment.

The European experience of the transformation of the third industrial revolution (digital revolution), which is gradually transforming into the fourth industrial revolution, or "Industry 4.0", is systematized and characterized by the merger of technologies and the blurring of borders between physical and digital spheres.

The international experience on the implementation of a European model of the future energy system in our country, which involves in accordance with accepted international standards ensuring the transition to a higher level of international cooperation, the formation of "smart" cities and "smart" communities as an adequate management system, the restoration of integrity scientific and technological complex and training of qualification managers for the purpose of development of digital economy, intellectual technologies, new mothers and methods of designing, creating systems for processing large volumes of data, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The main directions of the integrated approach in the implementation of innovative projects are proposed as a coherent system that establishes a general ergonomic approach and special basic principles and concepts of ergonomics in the new energy policy for the formation of energy co-operatives, which activities are aimed at centralized, independent environmental and energy production.

It is concluded that key elements of the successful integration of the energy sector into the new market design are the adoption of network codes and common rules that allow for cross-border energy trading on the basis of demand management, and the announced changes in the continental European grid in the energy security package open up new opportunities for the synchronization and integration of Ukraine into the European grid for the next 10–15 years. It is noted that special attention should be paid to ensuring a coordinated approach of all participants in the energy market prior to the construction of a new design of the network infrastructure on the basis of the implementation of a single state energy policy.


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