• Dzvinka Kachur
  • Oksana Rozumna
Keywords: cultural diplomacy, Ukraine, South Africa, cultural project.


The cultural diplomacy for decades have been used to promote interests of the state abroad. Despite increased discussions in the Government and Parliament of Ukraine about the importance of African continent and naming Africa a strategic partner, there is no strategy of cooperation with the African continent. There are a number of topics that Ukraine and South Africa share and it would be useful to explore them more in a systemic way. The aim of this article is to look into particularities of cultural diplomacy of Ukraine in South Africa based on case study “Ukrainian Days in Cape Town” and Ukrainian-African project “I’ll be waiting for you under the Kaice-drat”.

The article suggests that at the time when there is little opportunity for political cooperation cultural diplomacy plays an important role for building centres of cultural diplomacy and ensure the dialog between the societies in different countries. Ukrainian community can play an important role in implementing cultural projects but can not be a single responsible institution. There is a need for Diplomatic Institutions, Ukrainian community, artists and cultural experts cooperate to create the centres of cultural diplomacy.


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