• Volodymyr Horbulin
Keywords: hybrid war, Ukrainian front, military aggression, the new hybrid world order.


The article deals with the problem of forming a new hybrid world order, starting point of which was the Russian aggression against Ukraine. It is underlined, that for the destruction of the old world order is responsible not only Russia but also the West, which allowed new forms of global confrontation – a hybrid war. The causes and preconditions of Russian aggression against Ukraine, as well as the features of hybrid war in military, political and informational dimension, are considered. It is proved that Russia’s geopolitical aim at solving global hybrid conflict was the destruction of the existing world order to restore world order of the Cold War period and strengthening its dominant position in it.

It is determined that within new hybrid world (dis)order Russia is very sensitive to the tools, mechanisms, techniques and methodologies of hybrid war, if they are used against it, especially in the problematic regions. First of all, it means problems, touching Far East and China expansion. In the article the priorities for implementing an efective response to the hybrid aggression against Ukraine and positioning our country in the international arena are formulated.


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