• Taras Vasyltsiv
  • Vitalii Boiko
Keywords: strategic priorities, state policy, food safety, agriculture, certification, European Union.


The growth of the world population and the aggravation of the food shortage substantiate the feasibility of implementing effective measures to strengthen food security. Ukraine’s food security challenges are aggravated in the implementation of the economic part of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union. They need to coordinate the regulatory framework for regulation of the agrarian sector, innovation modernization of the agro-industrial complex, revision of approaches to guaranteeing the quality and safety of food, approximation of domestic business practices to the standards of advanced European experience, which collectively defines the purpose of the article, which is to justify the strategic priorities of improving the implementation of the implementation the applied principles of the state policy of ensuring food security of Ukraine. The implementation of the state policy of ensuring food security is complicated by the unsettled nature of its institutional basis, the existence of significant disparity between actual consumption of basic food products and their scientifically sound rationale, imbalances of the sub-sectoral structure of production of agrarian products, increased import dependence in the context of individual segments of the food market, deterioration the economic availability of food through the reduction of purchasing power of the population the exacerbation of the non-compliance of domestic standards for guaranteeing the quality and safety of food to international requirements, the neglected state of logistic and infrastructure provision of the agro-industrial complex.

The results of the study determined the strategic priorities of the state policy of ensuring food security, including improvement of the institutional basis, balancing the sectoral and subjective structure of agricultural production, strengthening the protection of the domestic agricultural market, improving the efficiency of the implementation of the policy of import substitution in the agro-industrial complex, improving the economic availability of food, harmonizing domestic standards of quality assurance and food safety with EU norms, development of the network of objects wholesale. The implementation of the proposed measures will generate a synergistic effect of transforming the existing capacities of the domestic agricultural sector into the segment of strengthening food security of Ukraine.


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