• Volodymyr Horbulin
  • Volodymyr Shehovtsov
  • Anatoliі Shevtsov
Keywords: military-industrial complex, defense order, clusters, investment platform, armament, ammunition, innovative component.


The results of analyzing the new doctrine documents "National Security Strategy", "Military Doctrine", and "Concept for the Development of the Security and Defense Sector of Ukraine" – are given. It is shown that their basic principles correspond to the national task of reorienting the military-industrial complex activities to cooperate with companies from NATO and EU countries. It is noted that governmental decisions made to fulfill this task will facilitate the reforming and development of the military-industrial complex. Improvement of structure of the Department of the Strategic Development of the Security and Defense Sector of Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine will increase the management coordination in military and industrial politics as well as international military and industrial cooperation. Realization of the approved State program for reforming the military-industrial complex until 2021 will ensure the financial recovery of the leading companies and enterprises and integration of scientific organizations and industrial complexes. The approved main indicators of state defense orders for 2017 and 2018–2019 will provide even funding for the companies of the military-industrial complex. It is emphasized that changes in approach to the development of national and private partnership as well as increase of efficient implementation of NASU scientific findings to the defense and industrial sphere are required. It is offered to unite five clusters – aviation, armored vehicles, shipbuilding, highly accurate weaponry and communications – to increase competitiveness and efficiency of the military-industrial complex activities. It is noted that clustering the military-industrial complex is an extensive task, which will take a long time to accomplish and will require making reduction measures and complex decisions to optimize the activities, form clusters, and implement them. The suggestions of how to facilitate and speed up the reforming and development of the military-industrial complex are given.


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Horbulin, V., Shehovtsov, V., & Shevtsov, A. (2018). REFORM AND REORIENTATION OF UKRAINE’S DEFENSE ENTERPRISES TO COOPERATION WITH COMPANIES FROM NATO AND EU COUNTRIES. Strategic Panorama, (2), 3-11. Retrieved from
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