Aims and Scope

Strategic Panorama (Strategìčna Panorama) has been publishing scholarly manuscripts in the field of security studies since 2001. The journal aims to develop security studies in Ukraine and contribute to the global body of knowledge on security issues through the publication of manuscripts on current national, regional and broader international security issues.  

Our authors include both academics and practitioners in the field of security studies and international relations.

The editorial board includes leading national and international experts on security studies (Ukraine, the UK, the USA, Poland, Slovakia, and Georgia). 

The journal follows an Open Access Policy allowing unrestricted online access to all its content.

Submissions are subject to double blind peer review. The journal focuses upon fundamental and applied research in security studies, international relations. Its articles cover a broad range of topics including humanitarian, demographic, economic, energy and environmental aspects of security studies, cyber security, national defence capabilities and military industries, intelligence, public-private security partnership, and Ukraine’s international defence and security cooperation. Since 2014, Strategic Panorama (Strategìčna Panorama) has provided in-depth professional analysis of the on-going Russian military aggression against Ukraine, the hybrid warfare and other attendant emerging security threats.